"Using Unforgettable Phone Numbers to super charge your advertising"     For Example 1-800-ORDER-A-PIZZA         1-877-LAND 4 SALE     1-888-MEDS-TO-GO      1-888-4 CHIROPRACTOR      1-888-US GUTTER     1-866-US FAST LOAN      1-877-TWIN HOME    1-877-4 LAWN GUYS  

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What do Fortune500 companies know about the power of an Unforgettable Phone Number?



Consider this...


The latest Super Bowl commercials cost

$2.7 million dollars for every 30 second spot.


Every commercial with a number used an unforgettable phone number.


Call us today at 1-877-Word Numbers.


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All day long you will hear or see ads that have unforgettable phone numbers because they can increase the effectiveness of advertising by as much as 1400 percent!


For example:

1-800-COLLECT® - MCI


1-877-82-SPRINT® - SPRINT




To be successful do what successful people do.

100% of all ads running a phone number during the Super Bowl use an unforgettable phone number. There's one simple reason; people remember words easier and longer than numbers.


At UnforgettablePhoneNumbers.com we'll help you get remembered. Let us get you connected  to an unforgettable phone number that relates to your company name or business.


"Turbo Charge all of your advertising with an unforgettable phone number"


At www.UnforgettablePhoneNumbers.com we offer you exclusive rights to an unforgettable phone number in your territory. Anyone who calls the number in your territory is directed straight to you.


How does it work?


Step 1 - You define your territory. The market area that you service.*


Step 2 - We assign your new UPN number to your current number.


Step 3 - When someone from your territory calls your UPN Number, it rings your phone

(*Availability varies with different numbers geographic locations)


"The number is easy to remember because it’s a word and not a numeric number."


Who’s number is it?

It is yours for your territory! You claim it as yours just as you do your current number. We are a service company just like your phone company, we provide the service to make it ring to your office. It’s yours as long as you pay the monthly service fee plus minutes used. Just like your current phone company.


Can I use it for more than one office?

Yes! Each office will be assigned by the towns or territory it services, when someone from the assigned towns calls 888-4Chiropractor, it will ring directly into the office who has that town assigned to them. Each office is a separate, service agreement/plan, multiple locations require a quote.


How do I check availability?

First, we need to hear from you. We would like to send you more hardcopy information and our request a quote sheet that will helps us geographically locate your office(s). Then, you provide us with your territory you want to claim. We will then go to work verifying the numbers availability to your area and provide you with a quote on the month service. The average per market area or office is as low as $99.00 per month + minutes.

"People Helping People"   Copyright 2010                                                                           Unforgettable Phone Numbers LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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